Welcome to the Library!
We hope that you have heard your child talk about the library here at Cottonwood. We'd like to think of it as the "hub" of our school, not only in terms of it's location in the building, but also with regard to how it's used. We are student-centered and here to help students find and use all sorts of resources while fostering a love of reading and learning!
In the library, we are in a unique position to help all of our Cottonwood Cougars! Some of our favorite parts of the day are talking with students about what they are reading and helping to guide them towards new and exciting material. We love integrating research and technology into classroom lessons and we especially love challenging students to think critically and explore! We value opportunities to collaborate, create and share. We also encourage students to think reflectively about what they have accomplished and what they hope to achieve. 
By providing our students with opportunities to wonder, by facilitating their search for answers and by allowing them the freedom to share what they've learned, we hope to foster the kind of internal motivation that will help them to find success in life. 
Our goal in the library is to provide students with authentic learning experiences and to provide them with opportunities to practice life skills in engaging ways. As we move forward in this school year, we have a lot to be excited about!